Hair transplantation cost consists of main three steps
  1. Harvesting
  2. Separation
  3. Plantation
1. Harvesting can be performed from
  • Scalp (head) or
  • Other body areas (chest, armpits, back, legs etc)
Harvesting from scalp can be done in mainly two ways depending on whether you leave the wound after harvesting open or closed.
A1. Close method (Strip known as FUT)
A2. Open method (Punch known as FUE)
Harvesting from other body areas can be done only in one way
B1. Open method (Punch graft known as FUE)
2. Separation
Separation of each root must be done under higher magnification for better yield.
At VHA each root is identified and separated preserving all vital structures which are responsible for new hair growth.
This is performed under 25 to 50 time’s magnification under our innovated digital video microscopes in an isolated advanced hair laboratory.
We also can identify and save telogen hair (hair which is just growing under the skin and not seen outside) which amounts to almost 10% of total hair.
This gives you additional 10% more hair in the same price.
This step is very important to preserve your invaluable property.
Properly trimmed hair roots will make plantation easy and in close proximity producing natural density.
Total Fees =

Basic Fees
Essential Fees (Rs. 10,000/ Procedure Day)

After care kit (Rs. 5,000 one time)
Basic Fees: are charged as per root planted. At VHA each root is counted on “counting machines” during dissection, separation and plantation with audit. This avoids human counting error and you get the fair deal against your payment.
Fees in Rs. Per Root
Selection of procedure date
Number of Roots plantation Per stage
Preferred (Fast) 70 Client’s choice 1500 +
Standard (Medium) 60 Mutually convenient
Up to 1500
Volunteer (Slow) 50 Doctor’s request Up to 1200
At Vasa Hair Academy we have three different fee categories:
- Preferred
- Standard
- Volunteer
The cost per root is varies based on
-selection of procedure dates (convenience)
-number of roots done per session (time)
The detailed description of each of the category is as follows:
  • Priority in scheduling the procedure date.
  • Procedure date is confirmed.
  • Choice of Mega Session (1500+ roots)
  • Procedure date scheduled based on available open dates.
  • Procedure date is provisional and will be confirmed 3 weeks in advance.
  • Maximum roots planted per session are limited to 1500.
  • Procedure date scheduled based on existing wait list.
  • Procedure date is provisional and will be confirmed 10 days in advance.
  • Maximum roots planted per session are limited to 1200.
Standard or Preferred Categories are for those who wish to have their procedure done in less number of days on their convenient date.
Even though there are 3 different categories, for the different categories disposables used are exactly the same with the similar end result.
The only difference is when & how fast you would like to get it done.
Essential Fees:
Rs. 10,000 (Per procedure day) includes:
  • ANAESTHETIST Dr. Fees (Necessary scientifically and medico legally)
  • Hair Laboratory Supervision
  • Monitoring of Plantation
  • Staff gratuity
After – Care kit:
Rs. 5000 (one time) includes:
  • All Medicines for procedure
  • Disposables for (3) weeks
  • Medicated shampoo for (3) weeks
  • Formulated shampoo for (3) months
  • Medication to prevent further loss of existing hair for (1) year
  • Specially designed pillow
  • Formulated Gel
  • Specially designed cap
  • Antiseptic liquid
  • Formulated Softener
Fees quoted at the time of consultation are subject to change without prior permission or notification due to change in fee structure and/or change in basic cost
of disposable due to market price rise. We request you to confirm the current price structure applicable during the dates of the procedure so that you can plan out your budget accordingly. Total cost will strictly depend on the current applicable rate.
“Additional Guidelines”
  • If the total number of roots required for covering the area of hair loss is more than permitted per session for your selected category, total coverage can be achieved by undergoing procedure on daily basis, up to a maximum of three consecutive days. You need not wait for months between stages to achieve the end result. (E.g. you require 3500 roots for total coverage but you have limited budget to fit into volunteer category you will be done in three consecutive days.)
  • Due to the unique characteristics of each individual, it is possible that the number of roots harvested is more than the pre-determined number for a given session. We value your precious hair roots and ensure that all harvested roots are planted. You will be charged for the additional planted roots at the same rate as your selected category. (E.g. for volunteer category if your harvested roots are 1350 then all 1350 will be planted and you will pay for the additional 150 roots at the same rate of Rs. 50 per root.)
  • If you have limited budget that prevents you from getting total coverage on the hair loss area, we can limit the coverage of plantation to your priority area (e.g. front) without the “Under Construction” look, with our unique technique that delivers absolutely natural looks. (E.g. for total coverage you require 2500 roots, however, due to your limited budget you can only have 1500 roots planted. In such a scenario, we will work with you to determine your priority area and plant the 1500 roots, maintaining your natural look.)
“Special Considerations”
Procedure cost for the following conditions will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Burns/Accidents: Individuals who have suffered hair loss due to burns or accidents fall under this category. One may enroll themselves in PAAS (Post Accidental Alopecia Society) for affordable treatment through our charity initiatives.
  • Special Areas: Individuals who require hair restoration over special areas like eye brow, beard, moustache, pubic area etc.
  • Redo cases: individuals who have already undergone any kind of hair restoration procedures else where.


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