Why every surgeon does not perform this procedure?

To achieve good natural appearing result one is expected to plant closely packed large number of follicles at different angles and direction in a single sitting.

This makes the procedure intensively effort oriented and time consuming, requiring sustained sittings.

10% of science and 90% of art is involved in follicular hair transplantation. The process demands excellent surgical skill, artistic approach, enormous patience and physical fitness on surgeonís part. One also requires similar skill with precision, entire supportive staff.

Knowing that root-by-root plantation is the best method, everyone cannot practice it due to above mentioned reasons.

Does insurance company cover the cost of the hair transplantation?

Normally the insurance company does not cover this procedure. It may be considered in special circumstances, when person has lost hairs, due to accident, burns or any other medical condition. Company should be consulted first, before final decision of hair transplantation is made.

How soon can the same procedure be repeated in the same area?

Theoretically, to increase the density one may repeat the plantation within three weeks of the procedure. With our technology, we can create the desired density, in the very first step, so we have not faced this situation before. If at all required, we recommend it after one year, when person wants more density, even after hairs are fully grown and long enough (about 10 cm).

What is laser hair transplantation?  Do you use laser in your procedure?

Laser does not cover the entire hair transplantation process but it is mainly used to create the site for implantation. This is only one of the steps of the procedure.

Laser produces one size uniform inverted cone shaped sites   by generating heat and destroying body tissue. Insertion of follicles becomes difficult, as they are never of similar size. There is more pop-out ratio due to narrow base and wide opening of the shape of the cavity. Heat generated during creation of the site, reduces the blood supply for take up of follicles, resulting in poor yield as end result. For these reasons, we do not practice laser in hair transplantation.

Can you correct previously performed pluggy look by your method?

Yes. With our technology we can correct the pluggy look, provided there is enough hair left at the back of head.

What if I live outside Ahmedabad?

There is no problem. You may travel on the same night of the procedure by air, rail or road. We will keep you well informed about the after care and provide you with the necessary supplies. In case, you require any help, do not hesitate to call us and we will be there to guide you immediately, even if it is across the seas.

Can hair from other parts of my body be transplanted?

Technically that is possible but hair follicle from the other parts of the body when planted on the head, does maintain its genetic characteristics, and hence it does not look, feel and grow as good as scalp hair.

Do I have to wait till all my hair fall out or I can under go the procedure to increase my density?

With our technology you, need not wait and suffer the deformity of baldness. As the density of hairs gets down, one can safely plant the follicles in-between existing hairs, to compensate for the loss, without looking bald.

What is weaving?

It is one of the methods of fixation of hairpiece. Here, the hairpiece fibers are woven and tied with the existing hairs on the head. As the normal hair grows, the hair piece gets loose and requires regular periodical tightening.

What is mega session?

When around 2,500 or more follicles are planted in a day, its called a mega session.



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