Traditional transplantation of 4 m.m. large punches became unacceptable due to its “pluggy”, “doll’s head”, “corn row” appearance offering very poor cosmetic result. It also produced loss of valuable hair grafts during and after transplantation procedure. This lead to the preparation smaller and smaller size of mini, micro and ultimate follicular hair grafts.

Follicle” means “A hair root”.

Compare an ice candy with hair root where a wooden stick is a hair and ice cream attached with the stick is a group of cells.

When these cells are planted in a suitable soil it will pick up the nutrition and start growing a new hair maintaining it’s genetic characteristic.

This “Root-by-Root” hair transplantation is an accepted hair replacement alternative for hair loss as it produces own, permanent, maintenance free and most natural looking results.

The process of hair transplantation demands meticulous harvesting of hundreds of follicles “Roots” in short time without damaging them.


Dr. Vasa has achieved this by his innovative method and instruments

“Strip retaining plate”,

“Follicle dissecting platform”, 

“ Bud holder”,

which are registered at The Patent Office.


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